DPS Tech Brand Launch Q&A

What’s your main reason for changing the name?

Although the legal entity will remain DPS Technology Group, it is rather a mouthful, and in fairness virtually anyone that knows us refer to us as DPSTech or DPS. It seemed sensible to work this shortened name in to any new ‘look & feel’. DPS alone was a bit too generic so DPSTech was chosen to be our ‘identity’.

Why are you specifically making this change now?

We had our last rebrand of DPS in 2009, and although it still looks ok, we thought with our 20 year anniversary and the idea of shortening the name (as mentioned above) we would take the opportunity to refresh our look. The refresh also includes a new colour scheme and changes to the fonts in order that they stand out more on the various forms of advertising and marketing we do.

Will it have any particular issues or consequences for suppliers and customers?

There should be no impact at all directly to customers or suppliers. We remain exactly the same business, with the same ethos, focus on customer service, with all the same staff, bank details and company address, details and formation. You are very much stuck with us for the duration!

Are you introducing new services?

We always strive to bring ‘best of breed’ products and services to our valued customers and potential clients. We have created an ‘infographic’ of the line-up of products and services HERE.

Where will we mostly notice the change?

Really only on documentation such as Invoices & Statements (of which samples have been sent to the contacts we have in our accounting software). We will of course update our social media, internet, and marketing materials with the new scheme. But we remain committed to our customers, offering exceptional support with market leading products and services, making sure you get the most out of your systems.

Will you be carrying out any celebration or charitable commitments?

20 years in business is a remarkable achievement in our opinion. We intend to mark this in various way once restrictions allow. We had planned events which would be both an opportunity to connect with customers face-to-face, offer insights as to the direction Information Technology is heading. Once restrictions allow, we are still planning to have the these events and details will follow.
We have already started our 20 / 20 campaign, which was to make 20 community or charitable contributions to mark our 20th Anniversary. So far, we have helped Alex our Support Manager with a charity close to his heart, renewed our support of a Kesgrave Kestrels Under 14 girls with a refresh of kit, sponsored 2 ITFC Womens players Molly Sutherland & Zoe Barratt, and with assistance from our wonderful client Anglia Care Trust who kindly donated laptops they have recently upgraded with new ones, DPS refurbished with new parts and reinstalled Laptops for Kesgrave High and Hillside schools. We will continue supporting other projects throughout 2021, and we will keep everyone up to date as they happen.
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